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A great commercial

Dear Editor,

It is very rare for me to write about a commercial on TV let alone like one. However there is one that I enjoy immensely and feel compelled to write about.

It is the one that begins with Louis Armstrong saying that our world could be wonderful if we only treated it as such. After all, our world is truly wonderful to be in and know! The commercial then goes on with a little girl reciting Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”.

The words are truly wonderful, pardon the pun. As I was saying, the little girl was reciting the words and it was all up to the people of IKEA to come up with this strategy  that should have been thought of before! This kind of advertising can be construed in many ways, and if you were to watch this commercial one did not know it was for IKEA until the very end.

I first thought the commercial was for the environment, but at the very end it was indeed a commercial for IKEA. It is not often that I enjoy a commercial this much as to write about it, but because it was so cleverly written I hope that anyone that has not seen this commercial will do so and enjoy it as much as I did. After all, in this turbulent time with the countries allies it is nice to just enjoy something for being!

Ron Horner