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Term limits needed for local councillors

Dear Editor,

In 2010, I decided to put my name forward for the municipal election in Oshawa.   During that election I knew one thing for sure, I believed in term limits and if I won I would commit to two terms in office.

Term limits are important because it allows councillors to make space for new voices. It can also create diversity in our elected officials to better reflect the changing population of our city.

I have been honoured to serve the residents of Oshawa and grateful I have one more year to make progressive changes.

But as the election approaches I would challenge all my colleagues to decide if it’s time for them to also make room for new voices. We need our council floor to mirror the diversity in our city. One way to ensure that is to step aside and support new voices who will continue to change our city for the better.

Mary-Margaret McMahon, city councillor from Toronto  said it best “Get in, do a good job, and then pass the role over to someone else. It is public service not a career.”  And I couldn’t agree with her more.


Amy McQuaid-England

Oshawa Regional and City Councillor