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Take better car of your cats, Oshawa

Dear Editor,

People lately have been kicking cats outside as we pass, and it’s probably the last peak time period for litters being born in 2017.

I have a bookmark in my possession, which says, “They call them litters because they throw them away,” (underscoring a picture of small kittens).

We ourselves took in a handsome orange tabby, who, with no collar or chip, must have been dumped the same day, hungry and cold, though he was flea free!

Our hearts, needless to say, were held hostage by this 10-week old kitten. People never throw out dogs as strays for some reason. So why felines?

It’s disgusting, cruel, and heartless. Don’t procure a cat in your household if you can’t put up with the bad and the good of it, the latter of which outweighs the negatives of these unconditional loving beasts.

Winter is coming too by the way.

RM Hues