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Taxes not only solution to climate change

Dear Editor,

Canadians should be seriously concerned over the so-called solutions being forced on us by the United Nations and our federal government to address global warming/climate change.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has implemented an open ended, ever increasing carbon tax as per the Paris Climate Change Accord. This Accord also calls for western nations to pay eastern developing nations $100 billion per year for them to fight climate change.

If that sounds like a massive yearly wealth transfer, it is.

Mr. Trudeau has stated that Canadians will be given rebates for carbon taxes paid and so the tax will be revenue neutral. But that defeats the whole so-called purpose of forcing us to cut back on the use of fossil fuels.

In addition the rebates are partial, involving home heating fuel and gasoline, but not involving all of the other products and services we purchase for which the carbon tax will be charged.

The HST will be charged on top of the carbon tax, a tax on tax producing billions of dollars for the federal government.

This is not revenue neutral, nor does it save the planet given the fact Canada produces 1.6% of the world’s carbon, and being a vast, cold northern country we require trucks for food and product delivery and automobiles for transportation.

There are much better ways to address carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, such as better management of resources, cutting back on plastics, and using carbon-free nuclear power, clean hydro electric power and clean natural gas.

The British Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research speaks of removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, cooling the polar regions with atmospheric seeding, and fertilizing the oceans to reduce carbon and increase oxygen levels, among other recommendations.

A carbon tax is severely punitive and harmful to our economy and misses the mark to address climate change.

The cause to address climate change is not helped by hysteria and changing dates for the end of the world by some climatologists, who seem fixated on carbon taxes and not open to other more viable solutions.

In Canada the federal Liberal Party, the NDP, and the Green Party are committed to a burdensome carbon tax.

The federal Conservative Party opposes it for more comprehensive solutions to climate change, as mentioned.

Keep that in mind in the federal election this October. We pay enough tax already.

Chris Topple