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Dear Editor,

Re: Russ Horner’s letter July 17/2019

Sir…I grew up in the generation born after the atom bomb. I saw pictures of children hiding under desks, pictures of the testing done before the drop, and the bomb shelters. In fact, I was waiting for Cuban missiles to land in my home town but then Kennedy was killed.

Our saving grace was we didn’t have social media, and the nuts you can find there spewing false scientific and political facts. We heard the message once, maybe twice. This generation are being bombarded, and I’m glad we have teaching staff to teach the facts as I wish my teachers had been this enlightened.

We, my generation, never woke up to what we were doing to Mother Earth. Maybe this generation can save her, because she is drowning..

Every generation has had kids and adults that gave up on life, but it was because they fell through the cracks, they didn’t have the love/support they needed, or the understanding of the effects of the mental illnesses they were trying to survive,  not because Chicken Little was running around yelling at the top of his lungs saying, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”.

Our classrooms today far surpass what I experienced, our content was no sex education, no politics, and we learned about American history. We never heard what our government was doing to our Indigenous brothers and sisters, the internment of Chinese citizens that were legal Canadians during the Second World War, and so much more, but I did learn how to sew an apron.

And your comment about getting stoned…sorry I giggled…who’s smoking the “legal” products…the same people that were buying it on the streets. But that stuff is now being sold with Fentanyl mixed in it. With the legal stuff, well we can chose the level of THC so we don’t get stoned. One reason us, seniors that is, are using it is because man made pills are killing us. Yes, they extended our lives but there are side effects, and Mother Nature gave us weed.

Yes there will be some of the younger generation buying it when they are of legal age, but it won’t be mixed with Fentanyl or what ever the drug dealer adds to stretch it to make more money for his pocket. And if they haven’t fallen through the cracks, they will wake up and become responsible, productive adults with the ability to reach out and do good.

So let’s cheer them on sir. They need to know we have their backs, after all it’s going to be their world, and we’ve left them a pretty big mess.

Shirley Spicer