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Stop talking, start acting

Stop talking and start acting

To all politicians who are quick to throw the police under the bus for using too much force for crowd control, feel free to join them on the front line and put yourself in harms way. When the bricks are hurled, the slurs are shouted, the looting begins and the city is put on fire, make the call! The police lately have been looking like the bad guys. Headlines screaming of police brutality. The fact is police are put in a no-win situation. There is a fine line on how much force is required, there is a breaking point. When the adrenaline cuts in and the same person you were facing 30 seconds ago is no longer the same person.

Politicians are quick to have all the answers with a camera in their face. When cameras are turned off, it’s back to business as usual. Then head home to their gated community protected by security, safe in their own privileged world. Politicians who, with a stroke of a pen can change a law for acceptable force and ban choke holds, ban tear gas, ban rubber bullets fired into a crowd of protestors. Yes, they can ban the police carrying a gun, politicians who have held office for 30-plus years now suddenly realize racism exists – shame on them!

Police are the product of their military training who follow the chain of command. If politicians do not like what they see, then change the program. Recently our prime minister held a photo-op in front of protestors, bending on a knee, in support of the protestors message. His message to millions of others is stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, stay home, and stay six feet apart from others. For others who do not get his message, there’s an $850 fine for sitting on a park bench.

The prime minister of Canada says he is well aware systemic racism exists, so for heaven’s sake stop talking and start acting, something the prime minister used to be good at. Get up off your knees. It’s embarrassing to see a man protest against his own government, the police are not the bad apples because of a few. To paint the police with the same brush is not fair. They deserve better as a socialist activist who marched in the days of action. Walked the line with teachers, nurses, steel workers, miners, etc. Protests can only take you so far, real change can only happen at the ballot box. Better yet, put your name on a ballot and let the people decide. It’s called democracy.

Gord Vickers