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Source of elevated dioxins and furans unknown

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

The source of a spike in the concentration of dioxins and furans near the Durham York Energy Centre in May could not be determined according to a regional consultant.

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks completed a review of the July report from Stantec Consulting Ltd.. The letter was regarding the elevated levels of dioxins and furans found at the Courtice ambient air monitoring system.

On May 26, 2018 a concentration of 0.109 pg (picogram)/m3 was recorded. The concentration of furan and dioxin was nine per cent higher than the ambient air quality criteria, which is 0.1 pg/m3.

Elevated concentrations of dioxins and furans were also found at the Rundle Road station and the Crago Road Station.

The concentration of dioxin and furan at the Rundle Road station sat at 0.091 pg/m3, and was 0.098 pg/m3 at the Crago Road station during the same monitoring period.

A toxicological review by Stantec concluded that the concentration of dioxin and furan would have no adverse effects on human health.

In the report, it was noted there the wind blowing from the southwest and west during the monitoring period, meaning that the monitoring station was upwind of the Durham York Energy Centre.
However, Stantec states due to light winds and low mixing/dispersion conditions, a potential source could not be determined.