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Slow down in construction zones

With construction season in full swing, drivers need to take extra caution when driving through those zones.

All construction zones or areas marked for roadside work in Durham Region are blocked off by pylons, measured to meet provincial standards, according to the region. Speed limits are reduced and fines are doubled when workers are present.

When travelling through a construction zone, drivers should never make a U-turn to avoid the area. Pay attention to signage, reduce your speed, and increase the following distance.

“Construction and maintenance is essential to every day life in Durham Region,” says Director of Transportation and Field Services Ramesh Jagannathan. “In order to protect the safety of our essential workers – as well as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians – we’re asking residents to please drive carefully through areas of construction,” he adds, noting lane restrictions and road closures are required to complete work safely and efficiently.

“We understand that traffic delays can be frustrating,” says Jagannathan. “Thank you for your patience and cooperation.”

For more information about current and upcoming regional construction, design and environmental assessment projects, visit To plan your route ahead of time, use the Traffic Watch Map at