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A better option needed for seniors

Dear Editor,

There were new reports recently of a senior’s residence in Woodbridge, called Woodbridge Vista, that had transferred 18 residents to local hospital because of an outbreak of COVID-19 where many staff and residents had tested positive.

This is the only time I have ever heard of this happening since this epidemic began, yet it always appeared to me that this was the common sense approach to assisting sick seniors suffering from this deadly disease.

It never made sense to me at least. Why did the hospitals “clear the decks” as it were by cancelling all non-emergency surgeries, except abortion on demand of course, to make room for the huge influx of COVID-19 patients, which by the way, never materialized, as the “models” were way off in their projections. The huge numbers anticipated never happened because most people that test positive, 80 per cent it has been said, have little or no symptoms, and do not require hospitalization. The ones that could be in real jeopardy are mainly seniors, many of whom reside in seniors’ homes.

Therefore, with under capacity hospitals awaiting this “huge” influx of COVID-19 patients, which never came, why were all the other dozens and dozens of afflicted seniors left in the “petri dish” of their nursing homes to die from this disease with limited resources, and spread it to other healthy seniors in the same homes, instead of transferring them to a hospital that was ready and awaiting COVID-19 patients with all the resources needed to help keep them alive? I will, I am sure, be accused of being too simplistic, but it seems elementary to me that sick people belong in a hospital setting, not in an underserved setting where the risks are much higher, rather than a sterile hospital with highly trained staff and the latest equipment to help keep our seniors alive throughout this ordeal.

Our seniors deserved so much more, and we let them down.

On top of that, there have been dozens in Durham Region alone, according to Minister of Health Christine Elliot, that have died because their surgeries were cancelled because the anticipated outcome from COVID-19 never materialized. The hospitals were cleared

for “action,” yet we left the most vulnerable to die somewhere else, instead of being placed in a safer environment, if they were at all capable of being transferred, as Woodbridge Vista just did last weekend.  Bravo to them!

To me, that is a common sense approach, but some will say that is too simplistic.

I imagine the families of these 18 seniors in Woodbridge Vista will applaud this move. I know I would feel better if one of my parents were among them.

Russ Horner