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Remember freedom of choice

Dear Editor,

Something strange occurred during opening ceremonies, Canada Day at Lakeview. I observe a DRP officer come down from near the stage and harass some teens (near me) for talking/not removing their hats during the national anthem.

Nowhere can I find in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, where hat removal is essential. I noticed this officer and other DRP colleagues (off the stage) didn’t remove hats or salute (as he tried to claim).

Maybe practice what you preach?

Why not chastise other adults spectators whom I noticed not doffing their lids either and thank god no one was wearing a turban.

My point, let’s not be heavy handed about freedom of choice to respect or not, or be a conscientious objector, if that be what you are.

That’s all about the freedom that the politicians were pontificating about during their speeches prior to the anthem.

Happy 150th birthday Canada, but sometimes not everyone likes the cake! Though maybe we could grin and bear it, who’s to say?