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Region writing off tenant arrears

The Region of Durham is writing off some of the money owed to it by former tenants.

According to a report being presented at committee of the whole, finance staff are requesting that more than $28,000 owed to the region by former tenants of the Durham Regional Local Housing Corporation be written off.

The amount being written off is the sum of all arrears under $10,000 from the 2016 fiscal year, and comes from 34 separate tenants. According to the report, the money owing can be attributed to missing rent payments, unit repair charges, miscellaneous charges such as non-sufficient fund charges and additional housing charges due to a misrepresentation of income.

However, according to the report, just because the money has been written off does not mean that collection activities will stop, with those arrears being added to the province-wide database, meaning that the money must be paid back before the former tenant is allowed back into subsidized housing.

The outstanding funds represent a very small portion of the money the region collects from the DRLHC, amounting to 0.3 per cent of rental revenues.