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Cops renew campus lease

Durham police will continue to have a presence at the joint UOIT/Durham College campus for years to come.

Coming before this week’s committee of the whole meeting and later before regional council, councillors are being asked to approve a new lease for DRPS’ space on campus. According to a report requesting funds for the new lease, the 1,208.11-square-metre space will be leased until Jan. 20, 2022.

Under the new five-year deal, retroactive to the end of January this year, the rental rate will come in at $312,096 per year for the first two years, or $258.33 per square metre. For the third and fourth years, the rate goes up to $262.20 per square metre, or $316,777 per annum.

Under the final year of the deal, the rate goes up again to $266.14 per square metre, or $321,529 per year.

The regular rental price bumps for the space were also seen in DRPS’ previous lease agreement, approved in early 2013. Under that deal, the lease rate started off at $235.37 per square metre, or $300,000 per year, before rising to $244.78 per square metre, or $312,000 per annum, by the end of the lease.

The report adds that those rental figures do not include taxes.

According to the report, the space that DRPS is leasing at the campus is office space for the Police Learning Centre, as well as classrooms and a mat room that is shared with Durham College.