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Red light cameras a mixed bag

Dear Editor,

The eventual implementation of automated speed enforcement at 22 locations in Durham Region, and red light cameras at 12 locations in the region, will no doubt have a positive effect on deterring led-footed drivers, starting in 2020.

I do, however, see a couple of short possible deficiencies with the system particulars. Firstly, a $325 fine for red light running smacks of overly excessive and simply a “money grab.”

For example, a $125 fine would be just as much of a monetary determent, especially considering the more important possible effect on ones insurance.

No need for the cash pile on.

Secondly, the tickets from automated enforcement strategies go to the plate-owner, not the driver. Therefore, if the driver is your child, your friend, a family member, etc., the ticket goes to the registration name of the vehicle.

I can see a lot of court tie-ups in these cases, when it’s simply not fair (insurance-wise) for the plate owner who wasn’t even driving perhaps!

These legal wrinkles are important, therefore the powers that be need not “speed” through the implementation, or at least please red light this system until it’s fair for all concerned.

R.M. Hues