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Reader urges Ford not to cave

Dear Editor,

How much longer are we going to be held to ransom by greedy teachers’ unions using our children as pawns?

To see them out on the picket line again demanding that we honk as we drive by, to support them in their quest to bankrupt the province, is disgusting.

Of course they always claim it is “for the students”. Yeah right. It is outright greed by these left-leaning union leaders that want to destroy our institutions.

The teachers who really care about the students should get rid of these bully leaders that are out to destroy our economy, and tarnish the honourable teaching profession we once had in place.

Many of us in the private sector earn far less a year on average, and have not had a raise in more than 10 years, yet these teacher union types whine over a one per cent raise on top of their already large salaries.

The school day has seemed to become far shorter than when I went to school on top of that. Cry me a river.

No wonder those who can afford to place their children in chartered private schools or home   schooling choose to do so.

If the tax system was fair to taxpayers, they would be given a choice to support the school of their choice for their children, instead of being forced to pay into a broken system run by greedy unions that despise fiscal common sense when it comes to their pay cheques.

Don’t give in Doug. You have caved already on many issues. If we wanted you to give up we would have voted Liberal last time again.

Somebody has to break this never ending cycle of greed, and put the children truly first.

Russ Horner