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Recognize the builders of the Safety Village

Dear Editor,

It was good to see the photo and sponsor recognition of the Kids’ Safety Village of Durham Region.

In various sponsor recognitions, over the years, there is one special group that always seems to be missing, the Oshawa-Durham Home Builders’ Association.

As ED of the association, when the major building was constructed, I marveled at the way association members stepped up to the plate. IT was like an old fashioned building of a barn in one day.

Home builders, roofers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, on and on, all the association’s trade members, working from dusk to dawn. Everything provided freely, in good spirit, their labour and every item of material required.

I enjoy your paper each week, just wanted to share this bit of history of the Kids’ Safety Village, still serving Durham well, with strong support by Durham Police Services.

John Stotts