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Changes to the CBSA Office of Oshawa

Dear Editor,

There’s been misunderstanding about the upcoming changes to the Canada Border Service Agency’s (CBSA) at the Oshawa Municipal Airport that is important to clarify.

Last year, on average, only one international flight a day landed in Oshawa. All were charter or private flights, not regular commercial flights. To clear customs controls, each flight called into the CBSA’s National Telephone Reporting Centre. Officers were only dispatched to greet 36 of those flights in-person based on a risk assessment.

This process will not change once the Oshawa office is no longer staffed by CBSA officers. Flights arriving from abroad will still call in to the Telephone Reporting Centre to report their arrival, and CBSA officers will still be dispatched to greet certain flights.

The existing office at the airport is primarily used for paperwork, which can be done elsewhere. Plus, modern electronic tools have eliminated the need for commercial clients to go to CBSA offices in-person. In fact, these changes will result in commercial processing hours at Oshawa to expanding from 9-to-5 on weekdays to 24 hours a day, seven days a week through remote service.

These changes will have no impact on the service that travelers receive in Oshawa. The airport will maintain its Airport of Entry (AOE/50) designation, allowing international flights to land in Oshawa. Our government will continue to ensure the efficient and secure movement of people and goods across Canada’s border. This means continued, good service for Oshawa and smart, effect use of tax dollars.

Mark Holland

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety