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Reader says teacher job losses inevitable

Dear Editor,

I must explain myself before the topic. I ran into a person that I used to work with and I believe I said some very unkind things to her. I am very sorry, and I believe that you know who you are.

Mr. Ford is a liar much the same as Mike Harris was. He will put it differently or say it in a different way meaning a different thing.

I am talking about teachers losing their jobs. My niece is a teacher for the Catholic board so I do not really know how it works, although I think that it works much the same as the public board. There are 369 teachers in Peel about to lose their jobs and Mr. Ford has always stated that no one will lose their jobs.

Because their contracts are not being renewed does not make being unemployed any better. They are still losing their jobs.

I do agree with one thing though, people should not be teaching at age 70 and I do not care how young you supposedly look or how active you are, you are still an old man/woman.

Now that Alberta has had its election, Mr. Ford must be ecstatic that there is another Conservative in power.

He seems to think that climate change does not exist. I have yet to hear what Mr. Ford plans to do about the “cap and trade” that he eliminated. And now they are trying to say that the federal government is trampling on our civil rights and taking money out of our pockets.

Does it not make sense to pay a little now instead of paying a lot in 10 or 20 years. If not, then your children and grandchildren will be paying through the roof, cussing you out, and wondering why you did not pay because it was you that created the problem in the first place. I cannot do that and I hope that there are a lot more Canadians that feel this way.

Ron Horner