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Rainbow crosswalk waste of funds

Dear Editor,

I have written about these crossings before, and again would state that I am not homophobic, but I think that the three rainbow crossings on public roads in Durham Region and three on private roads is enough. The three that we have paid for cost approximately $30,000 of tax-payers money, and I don’t think, especially in these times, that we should be spending any more money on these non-essential items. I am a veteran and a senior, and I do not like to see my tax dollars wasted.

Only 154 people responded to the survey which did not give the option of having or not having another rainbow crossing. That is less than .1 per cent of the population of Oshawa, never mind the rest of Durham. If these people feel so strongly about having another rainbow crossing, I would ask them to put their money where their mouth is and donate $60 each to pay for the crossing they want.

Please councillors, use your common sense, and don’t waste any more tax dollars on this issue.

Peter Snowden