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Farmer’s market a win for Oshawa

(Cartoon by Jack Longley)

Downtown Oshawa is going to get an indoor farmers market this fall.

A farmer’s market can bring a community together in a way a grocery store can’t. Small businesses are able to sell their wares and community members can find new places to shop, while also buying fresh produce.

It promotes community, and also can help in gentrifying a neighbourhood, as it can pull in new business.

Oshawa also has a rural population in its northern half, which can use the opportunity to sell their products first hand to the community.

This will give residents the opportunity to not only find out where their food is coming from, but also to ask questions to help themselves and their families feel more comfortable with the food they eat.

The market will give consumers access to fresh, locally produced foods and goods, as well as give them the opportunity to create face-to-face relationships with the person who produced the product.

This will also give opportunities for some local businesses to find their feet again after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those businesses lucky enough to lock down a spot in the market will have an opportunity to remind the public, most of which has been practicing social distancing and self-isolation, they are still here.

This will bring some much needed life to Oshawa’s downtown core, which has been hit hard recently by increased taxes, as well as the pandemic.

It will also help to have the farmers market located in the downtown core, as it will bring residents into the downtown core, allowing them to explore the other local businesses already established.

A farmer’s market in downtown Oshawa can be the fresh start the city needs after the pandemic, and can produce new revenue for the surrounding local businesses.