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Province seeking efficiency in family and civil courts

Durham MPP Lindsey Park reviewing written submissions from the community

Durham MPP and Parliamentary Assistant to the Attorney General Lindsey Park (far left) is heavily involved in efforts to review the province’s family and civil courts. (Photo supplied)

A local politician is at the forefront of efforts to simplify Ontario’s family and civil court processes.

Durham MPP Lindsey Park, who is also Parliamentary Assistant to the Attorney General, has recently held roundtable discussions in Durham Region on a province-wide review of these courts.

According to Park, the review is also looking at reducing delays and costs, and encouraging earlier resolution of disputes.

“Individuals, families, and businesses interact with court processes every day and more often than not, they face unnecessary delays and exorbitant legal costs to resolve their disputes,” said Park. “Particularly in the family law context, we need processes that help couples make the best decisions for them and their children with a court system that causes minimal  additional stress and emotional strain.”

It is estimated more than 40 per cent of marriages in Canada will end by the 30th year of marriage, and for most Ontarians, going through a separation or divorce will be their first interaction with the court system.

“They often already face significant financial or social changes to their life, their family and their children, before they start the court process,” Park adds.

Park has been meeting with members of the legal community and individuals dealing with the court system, accepting and reviewing written submissions with suggestions of improvements to family and civil legislation, regulations, and processes. Park will then make recommendations to the Attorney General and the Civil and Family Rules Committees for ways to improve legislation, regulation, and process.