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Pot legalization not thought out

Dear Editor,

I am in favour of legalizing of the use of marijuana under medical supervision. However, I have grave concern about Justin Trudeau’s proposed legalization of pot for recreational use. I don’t think he has thought of all the consequences that such legislation will have on our health care, enforcement by police and the effects it will have on Canadians wishing to travel to the U.S., not to mention the effect on the young of our society.

When asked for her opinion on the legalization of marijuana, Whitby Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes finally got back to me after a lengthy wait. Her response, or lack of it, shocked me. Because I am a resident of Oshawa, I was advised to contact my Oshawa MP on this issue. I know where MP Colin Carrie stands on this issue. I wanted to know Ms. Caesar-Chavannes’ position. Like our Prime Minister, you ask a question and you don’t get an answer.

As a Canadian, I felt I could ask the nearest Liberal MP her position. I don’t appreciate a Liberal brush-off.

George Milosh