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Please allow me to retort

Dear Editor,

I’m somewhat flattered that my July 18 letter managed to generate two responses from the gentlemen of the left. So, to quote the Samuel Jackson character from Pulp Fiction ” Please allow me to retort”. Hydro One – the 1906 Ontario of Sir Adam Beck is not the Ontario of 2018. In this day and age there is no reason why any government should be controlling, pricing or distributing any product, be it hydro, alcohol or pot. It is nothing but the Nanny State run amok and satisfies no one except the bloated public sector unions who benefit from the government run monopolies.

As for reading a book written by the former leader of the provincial NDP, Howard Hampton, I trust he is a better writer than he was a politician. I also agree in making returns to the system with my taxes but I fail to see how driving away those who create the wealth benefits anyone.

As for setting  the bar to determine who is needy it has always been the government, whether it was during the 1930’s  or the 1980’s. Setting the bar for social programs is not the issue, it is how does one pay for it.  It is also a bit rich to quote Tommy Douglas who supported eugenics like many leaders on the radical left and right as a means of controlling the undesirable elements of society. Tommy Douglas, the most “popular” Canadian as voted for by the supporters of the left-wing state financed CBC.

It is also not surprising that, in the absence of any real arguments to support their views,  the  usual anti-Americanism of the left raises it ugly head by suggesting that I am not really a Canadian for holding my beliefs. Finally, to claim democracy as a “socialist value” is rather perverted reading of the historical record.

Democracy grew out of the rise of industrialization and the growth of free enterprise and capitalism. There can be no democracy without capitalism and no justice without freedom. History has clearly demonstrated that socialism kills the soul and cripples the mind of those it is inflicted upon.

Curt Shalapata