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Pay the price to be Premier

Dear Editor,

I have always thought that a person had to pay a fee to run for Premier.

When we found out how much it actually cost then the hairs on the back of my neck stood up! $100,000!

That is sure a lot of money if you lose. I do not know of many people that can afford to lose $100,000.

In fact I have not met anyone that is willing to part with that much money. A person must want the job of Premier very bad in order to gamble that kind of money.

As I had said in the first sentence that I thought that you would have to pay a fee to enter the race: I thought it would be about $1,000 or so but never in my wildest fantasies did I think that it would cost so much to be politician.

For a number of years we have been told to become political with our votes, volunteering, or a run for office.

Now I know why a lot of people do not run for office, it is very expensive and you do not know if you will win.

Ron Horner