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Oshawa votes 2018: Ward 3

The Oshawa Express continues its in-depth coverage leading up to election day with a look at the candidates in Ward Three and will follow with coverage in consecutive order of wards during the weeks to come.

We have reached out to all candidates and asked them what they see as the main issues in their ward.

We will continue through the city’s five wards mapped out in the system approved last year, then move onto candidates for mayor and regional chair and CEO. Candidates for public, Catholic and French school boards will be included as well.



Teresa Aker

Profession: Registered student at Trent Durham University

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

In beautiful Ward 3, these are the main issues – The residents want me to keep taxes as low as possible and to be a champion for the taxpayer.

The citizens in beautiful Ward 3 want me to protect the character and value of our neighbourhood. As an example, Donovan Collegiate has been demolished and there is a proposal for 234 townhouses. I have attended meetings with the residents and the OMB to successfully fight this massive proposal. I live in beautiful Ward 3 and I want to represent my neighbours as a full-time councillor. My word is my bond.


Bob Chapman

Profession: Retired superintendent, Durham Regional Police Service

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

There are many issues that need to be addressed throughout our city if we are to keep it moving forward, improve the quality of life and make our neighbourhoods safer.

The one issue affecting everyone in Oshawa and the region is about keeping tax increases as low as possible while still providing quality services to all residents and businesses.  To accomplish this council must challenge financial decisions to ensure every tax dollar is spent wisely; continue reducing debt and keep reserve funds healthy.

Providing quality services requires council to encourage and support programs to improve core service delivery and ensure they can be and are delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  I have worked on this issue during my time on council these past eight years and if returned to council will again work hard to ensure we are successful and grow in a responsible manner.


John Shields

Profession: Oshawa city councillor

What do you as the main issue(s) in your ward:

In my many conversations with Ward 3 residents, the biggest issues that affect the ward are affordability, strong public services and infrastructure as well safety on residential streets. I will address affordability for Ward 3 residents by continuing to commit to accountable and transparent taxation. Residents want to know that their hard earned dollars are being utilized to progress the city forward. I will continue to support and grow our strong public services by investing in social services, libraries, recreation and seniors programs. Our parks and infrastructure require immediate attention, focusing on the present and future by investing now. Residents want safer residential streets. My plan would be to reduce the speed limit on all residential streets. I feel that reducing neighbourhood speed limits is an important part of achieving safer streets.



Eric Guernsey

Profession: Public servant

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward:

I spent the summer knocking on doors and chatting with residents about important issues in Ward 3.  They’ve expressed that they’d like to see taxes stabilized, services streamlined and sustainable development of our city.  Residents see enormous opportunity for re-development of existing land, at places like the East Mall in Ward 3.   I would like to see councillors work with economic development and residents to identify properties that are prime for development into mixed use commercial/residential spaces.  This will create new housing options, jobs for our community and will help alleviate the tax burden on residents as we see higher commercial tax revenue on these new sites. As we return to the ward system, our city needs strong and experienced leadership.  I have spent the last seven years serving as a constituent advocate in the office of Oshawa’s Member of Parliament and have a proven record of delivering results for Oshawa.


Bradley J. Marks

Profession:  Barrister and solicitor at Marks & Marks Lawyers

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward:

I am a the fourth generation Marks to raise his family in Oshawa. It is important that Oshawa be a safe and prosperous place for families to grow and seniors to retire. My plan is to foster an era of economic growth and implement an accessible and responsible municipal government.

Taxes: As I talk with the residents in Ward 3, many feel taxes are high but understand services have to be paid for.  Residents want their tax dollars spent wisely.  As a lawyer, I have implemented a prudent financial approach for my clients to ensure their money is not wasted.  As Ward 3 city councillor, I intend to adopt the same good judgment when dealing with your tax dollars.

Traffic Congestion:  Many residents in Ward 3 have seen traffic increase year after year in the City’s north east end.  I want to strengthen the Oshawa Active Transportation Advisory Committee (O.A.T.A.C) to find solutions to help manage the problem.


Cerise Wilson

Profession: Service delivery assistant, Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities; Child and youth worker and Youth Justice worker/case manager

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward:

I would like to create new infrastructure while supporting organizations that are directly addressing the needs of individuals and families. As a new candidate for municipal government, this is a tough question because I do not have access to data and relevant information that would give me the confidence to suggest what issues are top priority. Due to the fact that Oshawa is now a ward system, my goal is to ensure that all the members of Ward 3 understand that every dollar allocated, resource created, and motion moved will only be the result of consultation with the members, backed by research to justify its efforts. Anything that is important to my members will be acknowledged and addressed fairly. Affordable and accessible programs for children and youth are very important to me, and as a leader, I understand the importance of equipping the next generation. I will bring lasting change.


Editor’s note: The Oshawa Express extended its invitation to all candidates in Ward 3. Local candidate Ethan Eastwood did not respond to The Oshawa Express’ request by our press deadline.




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