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Oshawa votes 2018: Ward 2

The Oshawa Express continues its in-depth coverage leading up to election day with a look at the candidates in Ward Two and will follow with coverage in consecutive order of wards during the weeks to come.

We have reached out to all candidates and asked them what they see as the main issues in their ward.

We will continue through the city’s five wards mapped out in the system approved last year, then move onto candidates for mayor and regional chair and CEO. Candidates for public, Catholic and French school boards will be included as well.



Jim Van Allen

Profession: Employee of Fairview Lodge Long Term Care & Ontario Shores Center for Mental Health Sciences

What do you see as the main issues(s) in your ward?

The top issue in Ward 2 is taxes & services. Oshawa has one of the highest tax rates in Ontario and the largest number of residents over 65 in Durham. Residents are saying they do not mind paying taxes, they just want accountability and not someone claiming they will find efficiencies or cutting services. I promise to practice financial prudence, work with council to decrease debt, build reserves and prevent tax increases while enhancing services. Residents who have contributed to our community for decades need to know that their services will be there in their later years. I pledge to ensure these services grow with them and our seniors live with comfort and dignity. We will see an increased need on transit, social housing and long-term care and we need to plan for that today. You can find these items in my platform with full details on my website


Tito-Dante Marimpietri

Profession: Entrepreneur/business person (Previous, Regional Councillor; City Councillor; Deputy Mayor)

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

Oshawa’s future has always been my passion. My wife Rose Marie, and I are proud to raise our daughters in the very community our parents and grandparents, for generations, have called home. This close community connection motivates me to give back and serve my neighbours while working to bring sustainable-progress. Oshawa must always be a safe, vibrant, sustainable community where families can put down roots and build a prosperous future for all generations. It was a privilege to serve our community for 11years, as Oshawa’s: City Councillor; Regional Councillor; Deputy Mayor; Chair Strategic Initiatives; Vice-Chair Community Services; Vice-Chair Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority. With this valuable knowledge and experience, I will continue working hard to put your needs first, while positioning our City and Region for the future – Reduce Taxes; Promote Sustainability; Drive Economic-Diversification; Deliver Responsive-Services; Build Affordable-Seniors-Housing; Facilitate New GO-Stations-in-Oshawa; End-412/418-Tolls; Protect Green-Spaces (CampSamac/Waterfront); Address Neighbourhood Concerns (Airport;Safety;Speeding;Parks;Maintenance).


Julia McCrea

Profession: Teacher, Durham District School Board, occasional

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

Housing Crisis –  SOS

Affordable and accessible housing is desperately needed. People employed in low wage, part-time and precarious work or on fixed incomes e.g. Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, Old Age Security or pension are struggling to survive because rents are high and increasing while shelter allocations from provincial and federal governments are low, not increasing at the rate of rent increases and bear no relation to reality. Home values doubled in the last 10 years putting the cost for families wanting to buy further out of reach. Empty nesters and single seniors with excess home space cannot find smaller homes or apartments to move to. Durham Region’s wait lists for rent geared to income housing, seniors’ apartments, and  long term care beds are 4 to 5 years long. Vote to put people’s needs first by increasing  affordable housing, lobbying government to invest in social housing, to raise the social assistance rates and minimum wage and to crack down on profiteering landlords who are not working to improve accessibility and reduce energy costs.


George Milosh

Profession: A lifelong Oshawa resident with experience in the real estate business and property management as well as extensive experience in the restaurant business. Taught core French as a supply teacher with the Durham District School Board for 14 years

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

I am running for election because I am the best candidate to represent the residents of Ward Two. Successful in operating my own business, I have the skills to manage a budget. As a former trustee with the local school board, I have experience in governance.

Top two issues are to improve and maintain our aging infrastructure. Provide ongoing funding as the demand on roads and water/sewer systems grows. Keep ahead of the demand on systems as the city grows. Expand transportation systems with regional and provincial parties.

Put a hold on residential tax increases by increasing our commercial tax base through improved economic development at city hall and the regional level. Attract business through more attractive operating costs than other parts of the GTA and a locally educated workforce.




Karen Albrecht

Profession: Current President of the Trent Durham Student Association (my term ends April 2019)

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

An important issue in Ward two (2), is the expansion of housing, which although a great development for Oshawa, can affect traffic and the protection of green spaces. I plan on advocating for the reduction of traffic by adding in roundabouts, where appropriate, to improve traffic flow. This will decrease greenhouse gas emissions and save electricity by installing less traffic lights. I am motivated to promote transparency and awareness between City Council and Oshawa residents.  A key policy for me, is creating the opportunity for more residents to speak and be heard. I plan on advocating for residents, listening to their opinions, concerns and suggestions and taking those ideas to City Council enabling our city to be built on strong and lasting community relations.


Gail Bates

Profession: Currently city councillor in Oshawa; previous position registered nurse

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

There is a great diversity in Ward 2 and each area has unique issues, however so far I’ve heard that overall, residents would like to see the downtown revitalized. Suggestions range from hiring more police to patrol downtown, particularly at night, to getting building owners to make the back of their buildings as attractive as the front. Affordable housing is high on the list as well, both downtown and throughout the city including in Ward 2, which has a large proportion of rental property. Collaboration with all levels of our governments needs to happen to solve these issues.


Adrian Gianello

Profession: Entrepreneur

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

I think the biggest issues we are facing right now is managing the growth we’ve seen with the college and UOIT, issues like poorly maintained rooming houses, long delays in building projects, poor traffic management.

I’d address this by trying to streamline the permitting process for purpose built student housing and more enforcement actions against illegal rooming houses.


Jonathan Giancroce

Profession: Underwriter

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

Affordability is the main concern in our ward, families, students and businesses are struggling with the affordability of our city. My compressive plan address affordability for all these areas by supporting our small business through the small business assistance program that will help many businesses in the ward and in the city. Helping students by ensuring that they are not stressing about the cost to live in the city. Supporting our families by creating quality jobs, affordable programs for children and helping families reduce their hydro bills through my proposed municipal programs. Through these programs we can make our things better for Oshawa.


Jane Hurst

Profession: Realtor

What do you see as the main issue(s) in your ward?

There’s so much happening in Ward 2 every day!   Ward 2 is undergoing immense change and the population continues to grow.   Balancing the requirements of long term development and preserving  established neighbourhoods requires the ability to understand what is happening in Ward 2 but also the impact on its neighbours.  The conversion of existing buildings for multi-residential use needs more monitoring to ensure sleep safe housing.   There is increased traffic on the regional roads and drivers of both cars and commercial vehicles are using the secondary and side streets and not observing the posted limits which are intermittently 50 km. and 40 km. depending on the area.    We need a consistent limit of 40 km. to provide a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and neighbourhood input as to implementation of other traffic calming tools such as 4 way stops.


Editor’s note:  The Oshawa Express extended its invitation to all candidates in Ward 2. Regional and city councillor Daniel Cullen did not respond to The Oshawa Express’ request by our press deadline.