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Oshawa, get out and vote!

(Cartoon by George Longley)

In just a few days, all the talking will be over.

The results will roll in, and the next men and women to guide the decisions of our city and region will be decided.

In some circles, there have been numerous allegations made about certain candidates that have strayed away from the world of politics.

Some races have become personal, while some have been admittedly nondescript.

In this age of ever growing technology, there are more avenues than ever to find out what all the candidates are hoping to bring to the table.

Most every candidate has a website or social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Emails and phone numbers are available through the City Of Oshawa’s website.

While debates are, for the most part, all wrapped up, there are also ways to find some details about them online and within these very pages of The Oshawa Express.

In some ways, it is understandable for residents to feel disengaged to local politics. The topics may not be as controversial, or as sexy, if you will, as its provincial and federal counterparts.

Without political affiliations, it also lacks the bipartisan discussion and arguments.

However, at the end of the day, the decisions made on a local level will have a greater impact on us as taxpayers and citizens.

And with the city returning to its ward system, hopefully, there will be an even greater voice for certain neighbourhoods and areas of the city that may have been lacking representation.

There is no lack of credible issues in this election, whether it be homelessness and affordable housing, or attracting business and development.

In the 2014 municipal election, Oshawa saw its second lowest turnout for a municipal election ever.

This is very disappointing, but hopefully, we can see an uptick in civic participation on Monday.

And for those who are lucky enough to gain office, the campaign is one thing, delivering on those promises and meeting the expectations of those who gave their support, is another. We’ll be watching.