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Oshawa cadets bring home awards

Oshawa’s Zumeel Hamilton (centre) of the 151 Cadet Squadron was awarded the Army, Navy and Air Force Veteran’s Award by the Trenton Cadet Training Centre.

The impressive stature of local cadets was front and centre during a recent graduation parade.

Earlier this month, the Trenton Cadet Training Centre hosted the grad ceremony for more than 700 cadets in a number of courses.

According to cadet officials, the parade gave the cadets a chance to showcase their hard work and their newly-mastered skills.

A number of awards were also handed out during the parade.

Cadet Zumeel Hamilton of the 151 Squadron in Oshawa received the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans’ Award.

He was recognized as the most proficient cadet in a six-week course.

Hamilton will wear the award as a permanent part of his cadet uniform.

The Order of St. George Award was presented to another member of the 151 Squadron, Grace Mubiala.

This award honours cadets who distinguish themselves as top performers at the training centre, along with other training activities.

To be eligible for consideration, a cadet must meet a long list of criteria including showing leadership and instructional abilities, community service, and standing out as a model trainee.

Other notable award winners were Whitby’s Grace Mitchell for the Most Improved Advanced Musician, and Channing Gordon, also of Whitby, who was recognized with the Top Advanced Musician Award.