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A partnership from down under

Michael Blumenstein of the University of Technology Sydney and Ontario Tech University president Steven Murphy congratulate each other on a planned partnership between the two institutions. (Photo by Chris Jones)

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

It was a gathering of former British colonies as Australian delegates were at Ontario Tech University to announce a joint research centre.

The research centre will study artificial intelligence for health and wellness.

The centre is a partnership with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), which Ontario Tech president Steven Murphy is very excited about.

“These are two really like-minded institutions – one in Australia, and one in Canada. Both are fairly young institutions, both are really focused on technology, and how we can use the technology to improve the planet, and to improve people’s lives,” Murphy told The Oshawa Express.

He believes together the two universities can achieve more together than individually.

“They know the Asian Pacific, we know North America. You combine that and you’ve got something really special. This gives us the ability to take health informatics, big data, engineering research, our ACE tunnel, and bring it to the world,” he says.

Murphy explains UTS brings a strong reputation to the table.

“They’re at the hub of [Australia’s] biggest capital city in terms of what’s churning and what’s happening. So, if you want to know what’s really happening in the world, you’re at UTS,” he says.

Michael Blumenstein, the associate dean of research strategy and management at UTS, expressed his excitement about working with Ontario Techn.

“We’re both young universities, we’re both universities that look not only at technology as an important enabler for really tackling some of the biggest problems we face in the world today, but UTS has a strong vision… [of] really pushing the agenda of social justice, socially responsible technology, and really moving into…how do we use it to do good in the world,” said Blumenstein.

He hopes to not only instill these values in students at UTS and Ontario Tech, but students across the world.

The research centre will be located in Sydney, but the two schools are still deciding when it will open.