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Oh no, not Ford in Ontario!

Bill FoxBy Bill Fox/Columnist

I’m talking about possibly having Doug Ford as our next Premier!  Just like Donald Trump, our Progressive Conservative leader seems to have misplaced the truth.  Trump talked about draining the swamp when in fact all he has done has changed the swamp water.  Ford talks about replacing ‘the elite’, when in fact this millionaire is an ‘elite’, having inherited his father’s multi-million dollar business.  Despite his constant referral to saving ‘hard working taxpayers’ money, he has already shown his true colours, if one cares to look. When he lied and backstabbed his good friend, Christine Elliott, in the leadership race, you could see he was craving power and attention much like the Donald.

When Ford was a Toronto Councillor, his actions showed he never met a key service he didn’t want to cut.

-Ford supported closing libraries even in his own area

-Ford voted to eliminate bus routes (and raise transit fares). Once he voted against a measure that would have saved 41 bus routes.  He also voted for $5 million in cuts to transit. This resulted in route cancellations and a fare increase for riders.

– Ford voted against building new infrastructure. One example was a new bridge the city desperately needed and was backed by local residents, developers, and councillors, but Ford voted against the project.

-Ford voted to sell off affordable housing. As there is a housing crisis in Toronto and other major cities, the prices have skyrocketed but Doug Ford voted in June of 2011 to sell off affordable housing units in Toronto.

– Ford voted to privatize key city services. The first day of the privatized garbage pick up service; hundreds of households did not have their trash picked up and complaints spiked to three times the normal rate.  Privatization, resulted in worse service for residents and big profits for corporations.

– Ford voted against basic city-provided healthcare services when he voted to reject the Provincial’s offer of two free public health nurses for the city. These nurses would have promoted health services in low-income neighbourhoods!

-He also voted against improving water treatment plants and the upgrades that would have improved the disinfection process for wastewater.

Just recently, Doug Ford announced a plan to give big corporations a big tax break, dropping their tax rate from 11.5% to 10.5%. Does he know that we already have the lowest corporate tax in Canada?  Corporate profits in Ontario have never been larger.  In the first quarter of last year, corporations brought in $133 billion of profit in Ontario. This was up 15 per cent from the previous year!

Did your income go up 15 per cent? Ontario corporations are not in need of an additional incentive to do business in Ontario as they are already doing better than ever before.  Ford’s corporate tax giveaway will make it harder to support those who are struggling, by reducing public revenues by more than $4 billion over the next three years!

Just as with our southern neighbours, large corporations and the rich are doing better than ever before while most people struggle and yet Doug Ford is proposing a redistribution of $4 billion from public services to corporations and their owners.  Doug Ford’s corporate tax break doesn’t benefit us but will benefit millionaires like himself.

Ontario’s minimum wage is scheduled to rise to $15 on January 1, 2019; Ford has pledged to cancel this increase.  Ford pretends that he is on the side of workers, but it’s a lie: his right-wing policies benefit big business and rich corporate owners and no one else.

Doug Ford is also refusing to ban Tanya Granic Allen from seeking the Progressive Conservative nomination after it was revealed she made numerous racist and homophobic comments directed at Muslims and the LGTBQ community.  Of course Allen’s supporters came over to Ford’s camp allowing him to win the leadership, so he is indebted to her!

According to the Toronto Star, Ford stated, “the Ontario PC Party is an inclusive party. These statements of Tanya Granic Allen are not reflective of what we stand for or how we will govern this province.”  Ford actions so far indicate the exact opposite.  In my opinion, the Ontario PC Party could have done so much better, and have let us down,  just as the Republicans in the States did!