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Enough is enough at the waterfront

Dear Editor,

Yes it should be sorted out, but at what point will the people of Oshawa say enough is enough?

This group of political appointees (the port authority), have shown time and again that the people of Oshawa are not their concern, in fact, that their thinking an ethanol plant on the waterfront would be beneficial to Oshawa proves this.

Look at the situation, a city of 160,000 plus, with one of the highest ratings in Canada in terms of income, growth, education, etc. So where is Oshawa? Look at Cobourg, Whitby, Pickering, all with vibrant waterfronts.

In Oshawa for over 20 years no one has been able to launch as much as an outboard fishing boat.

It is the best harbour on the lake, commercial and potentially recreational.

Are the people of Oshawa going to accept this festering sore and have their children endure the never-ending conflict? Is this 2018?

Yes the commercial must stay, but there has to be a better way.

As a former resident of Oshawa that spent many hours of enjoyment and labour at the waterfront, it is discouraging to see a great asset wasted due to political problems.

Oshawa and the rest of us should speak up.

Norman Bear