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Not the time for some changes

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my dismay at the ineptitude and the disregard for the people of our neighbourhood, especially during a pandemic, from the planning department for the City of Oshawa. This all started when we received a letter from the city informing us that we had 30 days to change our house number because in what passes for wisdom in that part of the universe they operate in, it was deemed necessary to change our numbering for that part of the street. Now, I have lived on this street for 43 years and not once was there any trouble getting emergency services to find our address on this street.

There was no consultations with the effected residents, only the vague explanation of emergency services would find it easier, then the brain trust of this well oiled (with what I’m not sure of) machine came up with a plan that started to change the number not from the end of the street, but from two houses down, and all the original houses which where built in the early 50s and were “born” with their original numbers had to change. So we started the process of changing everything.

You can just imagine the time and effort it takes in a pandemic, most of the people affected are older and should not be sent out to stand in line to get this done multiple times. In my case there was overseas official paperwork that had to be started and hopefully completed in time. Then the city, in its brainless, mindless way sends out another letter basically saying never mind don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtains we changed our minds. Now I’d like to ask what were they smoking? It’s taken weeks to get the changes made and now we have to do it all again.

Someone should be held accountable in this fiasco.

Just my rant for the day.

Andy Deleo