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Canada can help with education

Dear Editor,

Educational disparities have always existed, but the COVID-19 pandemic continues to exacerbate them. For the most vulnerable people, decades of progress are being erased by school closures and limited opportunities

About 65 per cent of lower-middle income countries and less than 25 per cent of low income countries have been able to set up remote learning platforms. Only 36 per cent of residents in these countries have access to the internet, raising more concerns. As well, without school, many impoverished kids lack nutritious food, vaccinations, psychosocial support, and more.

Therefore, I ask Canada to invest at least one per cent of its COVID-19 response in new global aid, which can fund new alternatives to remote learning that are easily accessible by all children and give them lacking essentials. COVID-19 is just one pandemic, and unless we do something quickly, lack of education is quickly becoming another.

Sahej Kaur Saini