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No surprise Leitch is leaving politics

Dear editor,

I commend Russ Horner‘s recent letter acknowledging Dr. Kelly Leitch.

At some point, the federal PC Party has to decide if they are going to get in the game or ride the bench. No wonder Dr. Leitch is leaving the PC bench to return to the medical bench of measurable results.

I remember when the Kelly Leitch team called for support, I was really overwhelmed with the totality of the team’s focus to get the party stirred not shaken and moving again to focus on substance and not the present ephemeral issues we are experiencing.

Our current concentric Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) is revolving around his vapour-like issues and one has to ask “where’s the beef?”

And consequently, he keeps the rest of us well outside of his circle of substance, as if there is any other than only his issues, which do not help Canadians find needed jobs.

Nor does it give Canadians any guarantees our Judeo- Christian culture is protected or will just be dissected up into his belief system where it appears we are going to have to submit and embrace,.

No wonder Dr. Leitch is returning to her professional calling back where only substance and human life results and evolve.

Congratulations to Russ Horner he makes the elite cut in caring.

Paul MacArthur