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Government needs to stop the charade around energy development

Dear Editor,

The charade taking place now concerning the Kinder Morgan pipeline should not be fooling anybody who has paid attention to the actual desires of (Alberta Premier Rachel) Notley, (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau, and (BC Premier John) Horgan.

The only one of the three who is at least honest is Horgan, who adamantly opposes any pipeline, and has been upfront about it.

The other two are as phoney as a three dollar bill, as they attempt to at least look like proponents of the pipeline in question.

Trudeau already has killed the Northern Gateway line that was approved by the NEB, and did nothing to help while his Liberal pals in Quebec put up so many roadblocks that Enbridge, after spending billions, walked away from the Energy East pipeline, killing any chance of the east coast using Canadian oil, instead of importing foreign oil, therefore keeping the energy jobs in a foreign country instead of creating our own!

He and his boss Gerald Butts certainly do not want Kinder Morgan to succeed either, but he attempts to look like an innocent bystander while the roadblocks pile up.

Notley on the other hand, unless she has had a come-to-Jesus moment, which I doubt, has done much as Premier of Alberta to stifle investment in energy, with her cap on development, and her absolute willingness to go along with Trudeau’s carbon tax, which is a job killer, as investment dries up. One company actually left Alberta, and invested in oil exploration in Iran of all places! They felt it was easier to deal with that regime than stay at home in Alberta! Plus the fact that Notley is on record and on film protesting the “dirty tar sands” when she was in opposition, prior to becoming Premier.

They say a leopard cannot change its spots. I tend to believe that, especially in this case. It is only because she will face the battered Alberta electorate in a couple of years that she attempts to look like the energy saviour!

In the USA, President Trump has lit a fire under energy development and business is booming, creating many new energy jobs. They are now exporting much of their oil and gas, while we continue to watch this charade and watch our energy development head south, taking the good paying jobs with it.

A few more years of these left wing politicians running our country into the ground, and we have a good chance to become another of what President (Donal) Trump allegedly called parts of Africa and Haiti a short time ago!

Russ Horner