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No sense in incinerator explanation

Dear Editor,

Covanta says they have to get the incinerator working again so they can figure out what’s wrong with it.  Now, I personally find this a little confusing because I was under the impression Covanta had credentials and a historical knowledge regarding the incineration of all matter of things while controlling the release of poisons into our environment.

But the region’s works commissioner, Cliff Curtis, challenges my assumption when he says, “We’ve identified some suspects…” but then goes on to say that’s why more testing is required.  He then speculates on what would happen if the incinerator is still not in compliance in September by stating “We cannot operate out of compliance…”

So just who the hell is “We” and isn’t it Covanta who has a problem?  Did they not sign a contract complete with a clause promising not to kill the buyers?  Did Roger Anderson not insist on a money back guarantee?  And just whom exactly do “We” report to?

Randy Gostlin