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No fan of rainbow crosswalks

Dear Editor,

Regarding the recent article on a proposed multi-coloured crosswalk at some location in Oshawa, I can think of nothing of less importance to be concerning city council.

Surely there are more important matters to occupy our elected officials? The sole reason for crosswalks at all is for public safety, not to pander to special interest groups?

The reason stated is to ‘celebrate Pride Week’. Does that mean that the standard black and white rectangles will be reinstated afterwards? Another unnecessary expense for council!

Also, from an aesthetic and artistic viewpoint, the multi-coloured crosswalk as pictured in your newspaper was, to be frank, quite ugly, and to locate it where Councillor Kerr suggested would only serve to draw further attention to the ugly building which is Oshawa City Hall.

Everyone is allowed an opinion, and that is mine.


Jim Renshaw