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Are new plate designs needed?

Dear Editor,

Can Ontarians afford Doug Ford’s changeover of the province’s vehicle license plate to “Tory” blue in 2020?

After 45 plus years of “Yours to Discover” placed on white plates, the new look will feature white letters and numerals on a blue background, hearkening back to 1965, 1967, 1968, and 1971 until we went with white plates from 1972 until this year.

The Queen’s crown will also vanish for a stylized “Trillium” and a new slogan of “A Place to Grow,” and it better not be the marijuana that is suggested, nor a growing of the gas prices, taxes and other not so nice things that we Ontarians have seen enough of.

Mr. Ford will be remembered into the future every time we see the rear of a vehicle – for a few decades at least.

R.M. Hues