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New touch football league launches in Oshawa

Oshawa's first "truly Canadian" fall league will run straight through until the middle of December

Touch football

Players from each of the ETFL teams gather for a photo during the league’s kickoff on Sept. 19. From left to right: Robert “Buzz” Bezzant, Victory Alisauskas, Mike McNeill, Matt Rafuse, Rick Pottle and Bryan Earl.

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

The newest addition to Oshawa’s sports line-up is bound to keep you entertained.

The Eastern Touch Football League (ETFL) got underway on Sept. 19 and with it comes a new style of touch football never before seen in Oshawa.

It also marks the first time Oshawa has seen a fall touch football league, with the league now set to run every Saturday until the middle of December.

“It is a genuine Canadian, one of a kind, fall league,” says coordinator and founder Robert Bezzant.

Consisting of six teams, so far, and approximately 80 players the league has tweaked the gameplay to increase the pace of play.

Traditional Canadian Football League rules have teams trying for 10 yards in three downs. The ETFL steps that up and has teams trying to 20 yards in three downs.

“It allows for more offensive creativity,” Bezzant says.

Saturday’s launch threatened to be spoiled with rain, but the weather cooperated long enough to allow teams to hit the field for the first time.

Information on registration is available online at or by emailing