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Lakeridge head resigns

Kevin Empey to stay on until April 2016

Kevin Empey

Kevin Empey

By Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express

Lakeridge Health president and CEO Kevin Empey says he’s moving on.

The hospital’s board announced Monday afternoon that Empey, who has been at the helm of the hospital since 2008, had turned in his resignation, effective April 2016.

“Well, I’d call today very much mixed feelings,” Empey told The Oshawa Express shortly after his resignation was announced. “You make up your mind that it’s time to move on, but now I have the joy of telling everyone. It’s actually more of a bittersweet day.”

Empey is moving on after accomplishing many of the goals he set for himself and the hospital when he first took on the position seven years ago.

“It kind of confirms that we’ve done good things, and maybe my time is right, but we still have great opportunities,” he says, citing among his top accomplishments the reopening of Lakeridge’s Whitby site and the building and opened of the cancer centre. “I’ll look back at expanding our services and advancing our services here for the people in Durham Region.”

Next month, the hospital will be hiring a recruiter in order to help find a new president, who is set to take over in the spring upon Empey’s departure.

For himself, Empey says he isn’t quite sure yet as to what he wants to do once his days at the head of Lakeridge Health is over.

“It’s wherever the road takes me. This is me making a change. The length of the notice is partial confirmation that I’m leaving here to go to another job and leave in the next couple of months,” he says. “I really want to be able to step back and question whether I want to work full-time, do I want to work part-time, and I’m hoping to use the time for more personal interests and cut back a little bit.”

Even with stepping back, Empey says he’ll still care about what happens at the hospital.

“I am really proud of the people here at Lakeridge Health and their genuine commitment to do right, and I look forward to, once I leave, watching from a distance.”