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NDP hypocritical for charging

Dear Editor,

I get it. I get that a part of politics involves raising money. All parties routinely host fundraisers to stock their campaign war chests.

However, the Ontario NDP’s plan to bring its leader, Andrea Horwath, to Pickering for a meet and greet is hypocritical. The provincial NDP is charging $40 per ticket if one pays in advance, with that price increasing to $50 at the door.

I do not take issue with a typical political party charging for such an event. However, this is not a typical party. Evidently, the NDP’s mission is to ditch market prices and make life completely free (until tax season, of course). Parallels can be drawn between the economic policies of historically failed socialist countries to the current state of the NDP.

If that is the case, why are they charging admission to the event? Is this not the party of the “disenfranchised”? Is this not the same party that essentially embodies the belief that the poor are not wealthy because the rich somehow scammed them?

For a party that wants to make everything free, they sure seem keen to exclude those who cannot afford to pay from meeting the political leaders that serve us.

Thomas Yates