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Enough of climate hysteria

Dear Editor,

I thought child abuse was against the law?

Why then are many left wing school boards having their teachers scaring the wits out of school children by  telling them that we are all doomed in 12 years or less unless their parents sign on to the climate change fever that has infected this land like a bad virus?

It seems there is no shame as to what lengths the left will go to to get their way in this massive transfer of wealth effort, because that is all it really is.

No wonder some kids will give up on life after swallowing this line being fed to them. Some will figure why bother? They will not care about their goals and dreams anymore.

This United Nations spin on climate is shameful, and can be hazardous to the mental health of our impressionable school children.

Why are our classrooms teaching nothing much more than ‘kinky sex,’ left wing politics, and false claims about the climate?

No wonder some of those, that can, are pulling their kids out of the public system, and using private schools or home schooling.

Education is costing us a massive amount of money, and this is what we get? Kids that cannot do math, or read very well, but now figure why bother anyway because it will soon be over.

Others could potentially turn to drugs because of these scare tactics, especially now that Trudeau has legalized getting stoned.

We are being shortchanged by this system.


Russ Horner