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My chat with Santa

Bill Fox

Bill Fox

By Bill Fox/Columnist

Santa Claus came to me in my dream last night.

I don’t mind saying it gave me a fright.

He said he was upset over Santa’s helpers (or clones)

They’ve borrowed his image, which he alone owns

And use it for purposes Santa doesn’t endorse,

The real Santa doesn’t sell things,

You knew that of course!


The London Santa parade this year,

Was held before Remembrance Day,

An insult to Veterans Santa does fear,

Causing Mrs. Claus to shed a sad tear.

Dear residents of London Village and Town,

Next year PLEASE don’t let Santa down.

Have Santa show up after Remembrance Day

Santa and Vets. would really like it that way.


So last night in my dream, he asked me to share

To remember the spirit of the real St. Nick

Cause he knows the children especially do care

But we, after childhood, dismiss it real quick

That the first Christmas ever, we should never forget

Cause of Baby Jesus, we owe quite a debt.

Here was a man, from an obscure town

The real spirit of giving, he would hand down.

He showed us the way we should live for others,

All of mankind are really our brothers.

He gave us by example what our priorities should be

Not material things!  Have we forgotten to see?

What really counts in our world right now

Is to see with compassion how some people live

And where we can, to somehow give

Not presents, but presence

Cause if we do, we will indeed, feel better too.


Santa wants us to love all sisters and brothers

Not just some of our friends and lovers.

What is it really that is of great worth?

Cherishing each other and cherishing the earth.

Some of us are blinded by our very own greed

Not seeing our neighbours suffering in need

So open your hearts, you could be there

Begging on street corners, with no one to care

Watching the shoppers fully loaded with presents

To be arranged on Christmas by loving parents.

A few months later, will be cast aside and forgot

In years gone by it’s happened a lot.

So this year give the gift that lasts

A caring smile, a phone call, some time with a stranger

The elderly, the sick, the less fortunate than you

Cause remember one day that could be you.

And in that case, what would you want?

The newest electronic game? I think not

Some time with those you love, to share some good laughs

Knowing they care, and love you a lot

That’s something really that cannot be bought.

The gift of caring and love

Initiated from heaven above

That’s what we all want, most of.