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Ford not to blame for GM

Dear Editor,

The hypocrisy is astounding watching the usual left wing suspects piling on Doug Ford, concerning the announcement of GM in Oshawa closing the plant next year.

Dias, Smoky Robinson, Horwath, and today, the federal hopeful loser, Jagmeet Singh was in Oshawa talking tough, sniping at Ford, but offering no real solutions themselves. Why is Dias not criticizing his federal buddy, Trudeau, after Dias ran running to Ottawa last week to complain to his joined at-the-hip buddy, Justin, but came away empty handed, with no offer of a solution there either. All these photo-ops at the plant are just using the workers to hopefully benefit themselves politically. Disgusting!
This has obviously been in the works for a long time. Long before Doug Ford became Premier, but he is shouldering the blame from the left for doing nothing to prevent it.

I know one thing for sure, Ford had no hand in causing it, but 15 years of Liberal government probably did.

I am referring to the Green Energy Act, which raised hydro costs to the moon in this province, plus all the increased taxes we have seen piled on us and industry since McGuinty and then Wynne took their best shots at bankrupting the province. Not to mention Dias` buddy, Trudeau, itching to lay on more taxes on us in January in the form of a carbon tax. I am not suggesting all this caused this decision, but it surely has not helped industry in Ontario!

By the way, where is the outrage from the left, including UNIFOR for the 100,000 unionized energy workers in Alberta, many who are UNIFOR members, who are out of work also, but not because the energy industry left town, although many will now, after Bill C-69 is passed by the Liberals, effectively killing any new investment in Canadian energy.

No, they are out of work because we can not get a pipeline to tidewater, and ironically, Unifor union dues were instrumental in making sure that does not happen. These dues helped pay for court challenges to block any and all pipeline construction to tidewater. Alberta is in crisis mode now, but crickets from Dias on this subject. Where is the concern for these union `brothers and sisters.’

Russ Horner