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Misleading claims from fellow reader

Dear editor,

Mr. Topple’s letter to the editor begins by attempting to mislead the reader. His use of the word free is misleading in his attempt to alarm the public that others are getting something for nothing. Free, which allows one to do as one pleases, is hardly a word that I would choose. Tax dollars pay for social benefits and are certainly not free.

Social benefits are an investment in the future by promoting good health, wellness, education, etc. Tax cuts on the other hand do nothing but put more money in the pockets of the richest one per cent. Tax cuts are a lethal weapon to stop future government’s ability to provide social benefits as needed.

So the choice is clear, tax cuts that favour the richest one per cent or investing in social benefits that favour the other 90 per cent. Mr. Topple’s attempts to lay blame on the Liberals for rising hydro rates. There’s a lot of blame to go around. I seem to recall it was Mike Harris’s Conservative government that deregulated and privatized Hydro One, which ended power at cost, in favour of public power for profit. This more than anything led to rising hydro rates. I would remind your readers and Mr. Topple it was the Conservative government that sold the 407 which has cost the province billions of lost revenue, with vehicles sitting in traffic jams on the 401 parking lot.

Mr. Topple claims he is concerned for the next generation? Social benefits are just that. We are investing in the bright minds. The sky is the limit for them with free education paid for by taxpayers. The word free, only allows the richest one per cent to hide their money in offshore accounts and not pay their fair share of taxes. The richest one per cent are free to come and go as one pleases. The deficit is not because ordinary taxpayers are getting too much. The deficit is because the top one per cent are allowed tax breaks that others could only dream of.

Gord Vickers