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Kinder Morgan pipeline, a debacle with tax payer money

Dear Editor,

As if we did not have enough debt and waste caused by inept governments in our country Canada, we now have overtures made by federal, and provincial bankrupt administrations, concerning throwing taxpayer money at the Kinder Morgan pipeline!

Money was never the issue with Kinder Morgan. They were willing to put up all funding required to complete this much needed pipeline!

The issue is delays caused by local politicians, outside influences and foreign money to obstruct the work required to complete the job.

Throwing taxpayer funding at this is going to change nothing, except waste our money, not shareholder money spent by Kinder Morgan.

Which is exactly why Kinder Morgan shareholders are saying enough already! No more money to be spent on this project unless they receive a solid commitment from Ottawa, and BC to go ahead with no more delays and obstructions.

You cannot blame them. There are is billions of dollars at stake here, and Kinder Morgan must protect their shareholders, unlike our governments, that will throw our money down the drain willy-nilly and never lose an ounce of sleep over it!

Unless Kinder Morgan gets the assurances it needs to quell shareholders concerns, this project is dead, just what those on the left hope for.

They will not acquiesce because it would now be taxpayer funding. It matters not who funds the project in their eyes. What does matter to them is that the project is killed off.

Why would we want to commit more taxpayer money to a company that never asked for any, and the project would still be held up forever and a day by all the folks that do not want Canada to ever get any oil to tidewater!

As long as that never happens, we will forever be able to only charge the west Texas price for our oil, not the world price, about $30 more per barrel!

That would please the Americans immensely, and also the other competitors out there like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and any other country that sells oil on the world market.

We are being played for suckers folks!

Russ Horner