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Mayor glossing over serious issue

Re: “Policy options for filling council vacancies in the works” March 29, 2017

Dear Editor,

“The great thing about our system is it can always be developed and we can always work on it.”

Mayor John Henry’s statement is a lovely kind of media communication gloss-over of his preference for the ‘do what we want to do rule’ and his avoidance of public consultation continues.

Considering the time spent by six citizens early last Monday morning to make delegations to Corporate Services committee, Mayor Henry’s pat comment to the media seemed to wash over these citizens’ efforts to improve accountability, especially if they are not followed up with firm action.

Weak rules and the lack of transparency and good governance, regrettably evident to many at the packed Oshawa Council meeting chambers March 20, 2017, prompted the recent delegations to request a new framework for fairer and clearer policies for decision making be implemented, both here in Oshawa and across the province, when it comes to:

  1. filling vacant council seats
  2. council members voting for themselves for council appointments
  3. council members receiving full remuneration while campaigning for another public office

As Bill 68, Modernizing Ontario’s Municipal Legislation Act is before the Standing Committee for Social Policy, Oshawa could and really should be making strong submissions with respect to all of the above, that is if Mayor Henry’s gushing sentiment about “the great thing…” could honestly be held up to scrutiny.


Rosemary McConkey