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Man causes stir in House of Commons

Dear Editor,

On Monday, May 13, I sat in a front row seat in the public gallery in the House of Commons (West Block) until Question Period and shortly after 2 p.m. I stood up, while some matter was being “discussed,” in a quiet moment yelled out something to the effect of “What about Venezuela? and the sanctions that are hurting innocent people, supporting US imperialism…,” while looking directly at Minister Freeland.

Just after yelling out I threw up in the air about 100 copies of the flyer I had, which I had concealed on my person, and they fluttered to the floor of the commons. I was quickly apprehended by the security forces and removed.

I have seen nothing in the media regarding this event, but I assume it was captured by cameras in the building and am sure there will be some other written record kept.

After my personal info was taken, I was photographed and eventually I was spoken to by the Sergeant in Arms.

He wanted to know my motivation, etc. I explained that the sanctions against Venezuela were killing and hurting the Venezuelan people and as the media and politicians weren’t covering that part of the story I decided I would do something.

My protest wasn’t in support of the Venezuelan government but in support of the Venezuelan people being affected by the unjust sanctions. The Sergeant in Arms said I might hear from Parliament’s lawyers.

Then and there I was issued with a trespassing notice and escorted off the property. Everyone was pleasant.

Mike Byrne