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A solution to Metrolinx’s expansion plans

Re: Metrolinx town hall leaves questions unanswered, Oshawa Express, May 8, 2019.

Dear Editor,

The current government can do itself a lot of good by halting this project based on the use of the CP Belleville subdivision alignment.

This project needs to be quickly re-jigged to use an easement on the north side of the CN Kingston subdivision right-of-way and/or the south side of publicly-owned Highway 401 to carry it clear through to Bowmanville – and eventually beyond to Northumberland County. This makes better sense operationally, financially, politically and in terms of the transit-oriented development opportunities, especially in Oshawa.  It also has implications for a potential Peterborough extension running north from Newcastle that would partially use the Highway 35/115 corridor as far north as Pontypool.

The Liberals can take part of the blame for all of this because they blindly let Metrolinx call the shots. But it was Metrolinx that was chiefly responsible for this mess and where, I might add, two high-ranking Liberal appointees are now crafting the current government’s plans. One of them is the author of Glen Murray’s deservedly failed Southwestern Ontario high-speed rail fantasy.

Greg Gormick