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Lunch and learn program off to great start

With a few weeks under their belt, Mary Street Community School’s Lunch and Learn program is rolling on strong.

“All the kids participate. It’s great,” Kasia Janowski, the school’s principal, tells The Oshawa Express. “This is the third (year we’ve done it), but this is the first year we’ve had an organization sponsoring it.”

Janowski says the weekly program draws out the school’s Grade 3 and 6 students who are practicing for the upcoming EQAO standardized tests. During each session, the students do practice tests with older EQAO tests so that they can know what to expect on the upcoming tests.

“One week they do language activities, and the next week they do math activities,” Janowski says.

“They work through the problems and then they see how they’re doing and (the teachers) give the kids feedback, and then the following time they meet with them, they work on those types of questions again so they can improve.”

“We find it really helps because they have a chance to practise the things they’re struggling with still,” she adds.

Oh, and of course, they receive a free pizza lunch from Little Caesar’s on Bloor Street.

“I just really want to thank the paper for supporting our school and student improvement,” Janowski says.

“It makes a difference in my community, having that community support for these children. It’s extremely important. We have a pizza program for fundraising, but this one is for everyone. Everyone is eligible, so it’s very equitable and it’s lovely that I don’t have to pay for it out of my own budget because then I can put that money towards other things for the school.”