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Liberal victory has no “logic”

Dear Editor,

To all you “progressive” voters out there, and all the folks that decided to not bother voting at all, that turned a blind eye to all the corruption, bullying, ethics violations, and blatant blackface racism that was a hallmark of the four years of having a spoiled brat and a communist dictator wannabe hold the highest office in our land, thanks for absolutely nothing. We will all pay a heavy price for this “logic.”

You shunned a chance to charge less on the old credit card for our grandchildren to pay off somehow years from now, and a chance to put that phony ‘carbon tax’ to bed. This tax will do absolutely nothing to change the climate, only make all of us much poorer by increasing the cost of everything we need to buy on a daily basis.

Illegal “migrants’ walking across our borders will change our country, and not for the better.

I realize some folks just vote for the politician that offers them the most ‘free’ stuff, although for every dollar a politician gives to you, they take from someone else. It is not their own money they are handing out to buy votes, it is yours.

With the western oil patch shut down now thanks to your voting patterns, much of that money will dry up, and the country will be deeply divided.

Quebec will eventually realize that when the transfer payments to that province from Alberta and the other energy-producing provinces are cut or stop totally, they may see the light, or the Bloc may want to then separate after killing the golden goose. When there is nothing else to milk from the rest of Canada.

What kind of fools elect a party that campaigns on raising your taxes on everything with a carbon tax. Plus leave a huge debt for your grand-kids to deal with? Unbelievable.

You have gone a long way to destroying a once great, proud country worth fighting for. There is no pride here now. Thanks for nothing.

Russ Horner